In Sanskrt,
दिन, dina means day or daily

च-, cha, means to move forward
चार्य charya refers to a routine

dinacharya is the daily routine that promotes health & cures illness

आचार्य,  āchārya is the learned teacher, 
able to walk you forward (-cha-)
into knowledge and attract you toward awareness.
dinacharya is the Ayurvedic Wisdom of practicing a lifestyle that lives each day well.

The DINacharya Institute was founded in 2007, to teach those who want to discover Ayurveda more deeply, in order to know how to navigate life, at whatever pace you choose in this modern, urbanized, face-paced world... how to bring good living, true health, and sustained wellness into your life and into the lives of those around you.

Ayurveda (eye-YOUR-vae-dah not are-you-veda) is a timeless science that transcends cultures, religions, time and modernity. Practiced continuously on the planet for the past 5000+ years and originating in South Asia, Ayurveda offers the brain, mind, heart, senses, and soul a path back to natural living, among modern life.

Does your soul urge you to live more naturally and leave the artificial constructs of our time?

DINacharya teaches how to construct a daily routine with practical wisdom suited to your own Being. Led by experienced clinicians and excellent communicators, our authentic courses on Āyurveda at The DINacharya Institute, alongside seminars and workshops, combine practical instruction on a variety of medical modalities, with guidance for practice setup, clinical supervision, and self-care highlighting the wisdom of Āyurveda.

Using advanced pedagogy in clinical sciences, we focus on quality of instruction and practical application both for students in the US seeking Ayurvedic certification and for international students in our Master Classes.  All instructors are practicing clinicians:  vaidyas (āyurvedic physicians), MDs, and yoga therapists who have been teaching with Integrity for years.

This is the only course teaching authentic Ayurveda led by a Harvard-educated, licensed & board-certified MD. Dr. Bhattacharya is trained formally in holistic medicine, preventive medicine and family medicine, and also trained with a PhD in Ayurveda (BHU) from India. She has also trained formally in academia in the disciplines of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, neuroscience, herbs, international public health, nutrition and health coaching. She has worked in management on Wall Street, is a published journalist and book author, and has directed research, education and holistic practice at a NYC hospital for a decade. Dr. Bhattacharya is formally trained in educational pedagogy using problem-based learning, case-based techniques, and recent advances in education on assessment and competence that focus on the learning of the student. Instead of using these skills to further the mainstream medical system, she has focused the use of her skills toward the education of Ayurveda and healing sciences.


The mission of DINacharya is to create a stronger Ayurveda community worldwide and especially in India and the USA, through high-quality programs, abundant opportunities, promotion of self-awareness, with demonstrated Integrity in education.


The training program is designed for health and wellness professionals, such as CAM practitioners, yoga instructors, and nurses and doctors wishing to integrate practical instruction and quality holistic training in Ayurveda into their existing clinical practice.

This program is also appropriate for the student interested in applying Ayurvedic lifestyle principles and practices to his/her own life as well as those of family and friends, to restore and maintain a healthy life.

DINacharya also provides a strong Ayurvedic yoga certification course for all potential yogi/nis and an ongoing series of individual seminars on ayurveda, holistic health, nutrition, and related topics. Come join us.

The DINacharya Institute
NEWS:  Join us for  
DIN Master Classes 2023

Master Classes in Ayurveda began in August 2018 and continue each Wednesday with a dynamic group of hungry students and passionate teachers.  

Come join our international group of students and authentic teaching! 

REGISTER HERE. for Quarter 19 focused on the uses of oils, known as Sneha-vidhi.

Our vetted Master Teachers are trained to take students from around the world through the classic Ayurvedic texts. 

Together in our international classroom, we use the sacred text known as the Astanga-Hrdayam, written by Vagbhata more than 2000 years ago in India and cross-reference to other granthas (classic texts) that expound on the topic. 

Quarter 19 began Wednesday, 04 January 2023 and runs through 08 March 2023. All sessions are recorded and always available for registered students. 

Tuition for each quarter of classes (10 weeks in Q19) is USD$108.  ... That's $10+ a class! Certificates of attendance are available.

Vaidyas and physicians will lead the discussions on the Ayurvedic perspective on the what when where and how of food and how these decisions are medicinal. 

Sessions are designed to guide each of us with practical, clinical, and personal guidelines for our individual environments, challenging us to revise and create sensual upgrades to our self-care, and to learn how to design effective treatments for our clients, patients, family and friends to help them clear their imbalances.

Explanations of each sloka, pāda-chheda - splitting the words in Sanskrt, clinical discussions on practical implementation, cases, and group discussion on the procedures and processes are led by teachers and facilitators.   See samples of the Master Class style here.

Signup here or check the Master Class tab above for more details. If you are seriously interested in learning with us, contact us at din.masterclass@gmail.com to explore how to make it work.

Join us with an amazing international student community in the DIN online classroom!
The DINacharya Institute utilizes the best of academic instruction from authentic ayurvedic doctors, licensed physicians and health professionals; experiential learning; correlations with scientific studies; guided materials for proficiency in ayurveda; a place to gain practicum experience; resources for intellectual exploration; and a practical course in Ayurvedic Health and Medicine. It is the first course geared toward competency not profit, and provides a template for Ayurvedic education of the future. 

+1 212 645 6745   •   DINacharyaNYC@gmail.com

About The DINacharya Institute
Designed by The DINacharya Institute © 2007-2023. All rights reserved. 
NEWS: Everyday Ayurveda is now a bestseller in India.  
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Published by Penguin Random House, Everyday Ayurveda is a collection of 42 daily routines from ancient Ayurveda texts, sharing practical awareness for integrating healthy habits into modern living. 

Dr. Bhattacharya is a Harvard-trained holistic family physician teacher and scientist with a PhD in Ayurveda from Banaras Hindu University.
Our programs began in the spring of 2007, when it became apparent that high-quality programs were needed in the growing Ayurveda community in New York. DINacharya focuses especially on training health care professionals interested in Integrative Medicine and holistic practitioners with a commitment to, and preference for, natural options to healing.

Founded and directed by Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya, a holistic family physician trained by the traditional guru-shishya parampara (guru apprenticeship model of learning) as well as by conventional classroom training in Ayurveda, the Institute has been conducting seminars, workshops, film screenings, think-tank intensives and clinical care in Manhattan since its inception. 

Dr. Bhaswati is a licensed, board-certified MD practicing Family & Preventive Medicine, with an MPH (Harvard-Global Health), an MS in Pharmacology/Neuroscience (Columbia Univ), and a PhD (Ayurveda-BHU); she is joined by hand-picked and trained faculty from around the world, especially excellent vaidyas from India.  

DINacharya completed its twelfth year of work in the spring of 2019.
Our work for 2019-2020 focuses on the gap worldwide using high-quality education of authentic Ayurveda:

1. our flagship fundamentals course of training as Ayurveda Wellness Coach (8 weekends, 200 hours of classtime over <1 year)
2. advanced courses in medicinal plants/dravya guna, and holistic integration of Ayurveda in the USA

3. ayurvedic yoga trainings, in collaboration with PranaMandir
4. seminars at conferences, medical schools, and schools of public health around the world

5. consulting assignments with ayurvedic pharma groups, clinical research organizations, foundations devoted to Ayurveda 
6. education through media: online journal article collections, interviews, films, and publications

7.  intensive weekend and evening workshops and retreats for interested groups 
8. our international student community in the DIN online classroom for Master Classes in Ayurveda śloka-by-śloka, helping practitioners understand the true underlying meaning vs. translated texts.
Our work to fill gaps in the education of Ayurveda has been demonstrated through the following activities for the past 14 years:

1. a second-year course of training as an Ayurveda Health Coach (9 weekends, 300 hours of classtime over 1.5 years)
2. two pilot fellowships for Ayurvedic physicians to interact actively with USA-based health professionals

3. a leadership program for Ayurvedic physicians/BAMS students in India, in collaboration with Patanjali Yogpeeth
4. training modules in India, both clinical, experiential and basic theory-oriented, based on the level of the students  

5. annual think-tank intensives in India, by invitation only, 2008-2012
6. participation in policy making and community organizing activities in India and in the USA

7. sponsorship and support of music therapy using traditional Indian classical raaga music

8. an active list-serv for clinicians using Ayurveda in their practice, replete with listings of opportunities
9. internationally-accessible teleconferences led by faculty of DINacharya and open to everyone who wants to learn

10. film screenings related to Ayurveda and ancient Indian medical traditions
11. clinical care mentoring opportunities in New York

​                                                                                                   ***************************************** 

From 2008 - 2013, DINacharya conducted annual thinktanks and co-sponsored conferences throughout India, attempting to bring scientists, allopathic clinicians, researchers, and vaidyas toward a common language of understanding and eluciating authentic ayurveda. DINacharya faculty are actively encouraged to participate in international seminars and policy work in India, to evolve and resurrect the practice and education of authentic Ayurveda for all people.

To preserve authentic Ayurveda, the DINacharya Institute supports visual journeys in holistic medicine. We have supported the production of Jhaptal, a documentary on Indian Classical Music, due for completion by E10St Productions. DINacharya is capturing our activities through a filmmaking division, called Betel Nut Productions.

The coursework of The Dinacharya Institute is recognized by the AVP Group (Arya Vaidya Pharmacy Trust, Coimbatore), one of the leading and most respected ayurvedic institutions in India. The course reader has been lauded by members of AYUSH-Government of India for its well-written, easy-to-understand and authentic composition.

The faculty of DINacharya are not only credentialed in India as ayurvedic physicians, but also have clinical experience and good communication skills. In fact, only teachers who can teach to American health professionals in an interactive format, using case studies and practical examples are selected to teach at DINacharya. 

DINacharya faculty also participate actively at NAMA, the National Ayurvedic Medical Association of the USA (www.ayurveda-nama.org), AAPNA, the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America (www.aapna.org), AADI (Academy of Ayurvedic Doctors of India), and the CAC, Council for Ayurveda Credentialing.

In 2008, Dr. Bhattacharya received an award for Outstanding Global Service to Ayurveda from the Arogyadham Institute in Uttar Pradesh, India. In 2011, she received AAPNA’s Vagbhata Award for Excellence in Ayurvedic Teaching. In 2011, she also received the Kiran Award for achievements in Ayurveda. In 2009 and 2010, she served on the Steering Committee of the International Working Groups on Ayurveda, sponsored by the Government of India, Department of AYUSH under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Dr. Bhattacharya served as the chair of the AUSAC (Ayurveda-US Advisory Council) sponsored 2010-2011 by the Embassy of India, Washington DC, under the auspices of AYUSH. Several DIN faculty were also appointed to the AUSAC, which completed a paper on the Status of Ayurveda in the USA. 
Learn more about Dr. Bhattacharya

  DIN Master Classes 
in Ayurveda

So many students approach us wanting more guidance on setting up treatment strategies using food. How do we take fundamental principles and translate them to a clinical treatment plan using foods in the patient's local environment? Thousands do it well, but how do we get started? Master Teachers will show you how to approach a treatment protocol using examples grounded in real cases and extending into the variations that occur in human experience.


Licensed physicians and vaidyas will organize a learning algorithm that you can use to guide your journey into creating individualized treatment plans. 

Master Teachers are trained how to anticipate common issues in clinical decision-making, how to use upasaya (clinical trial and error) and information about a unique patient to make inroads into treatment that is ethical, legal, and beneficial to the patient.

Only students with clinical experience of Ayurveda join our classes in our private DIN online classroom.

The first session will be held March 11, 2020.
Tuition for each quarter is $108USD. 

The class will be held on Wednesdays from 6:30p-8:30p IST. Check your local time to know when to join.

Certificates of clinical supervision are provided.

Signup here and you will be contacted, or write to us at din.masterclass@gmail.com to explore your interest. 
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 Learn Ayurveda for Clinical Practice. 

Manōbala DIN

If you are keen to learn Ayurveda for better clinical practice, join us for 10 sessions integrating ayurvedic concepts from the ground up and into the pathophysiology of diseases such as obesity, mental anxiety and depression, skin problems, osteoporosis, asthma and respiratory issues. Why do they occur, and how can we help patients heal both from the cause and from the symptoms?  You will have a deep understanding by July 2021.

Each class is held 2-3 weeks apart and punctuated by podcasts, reading, clinical assessments using your own practice data, handouts, self-discovery assignments, and videos by Dr. Satyajith and his team, so that students can go deep and get confident after 90 minutes of live, open-hearted intense and practical learning. 

Join a group of 15 amazing practitioners from around the world, in a genuinely warm community.

Taught by an ayurvedic vaidya, moderated by a high-tech team and a physician, you will be provoked to think deeply and feel a strange sense of connection ... something missing in the world today.

If you join now, you will get the video/audio recordings of the first session and then join in the discussion enriched and ready.

You will do some experiments on dhatu and some self-assessment to deconstruct what you need in order to fluorish in your practice, discuss it in a wonderful forum. Join us if you need some grounding.

Register here.