In Sanskrt,
दिन-, dina means day or daily
च-, cha, means to move forward
आचार्य, āchārya is the learned teacher, able to walk you forward (-cha-)
into knowledge and attract you toward awareness.

dinacharya is the Ayurvedic Wisdom of practicing a lifestyle that lives each day well.

The DINacharya Institute was founded in 2007, to teach those who want to discover Ayurveda more deeply, in order to know how to navigate life, at whatever pace you choose in this modern, urbanized, face-paced world... how to bring good living, true health, and sustained wellness into your life and into the lives of those around you.

Ayurveda (eye-YOUR-vae-dah not are-you-veda) is a timeless science that transcends cultures, religions, time and modernity. Practiced continuously on the planet for the past 5000+ years and originating in South Asia, Ayurveda offers the brain, mind, heart, senses, and soul a path back to natural living, among modern life.

Does your soul urge you to live more naturally and leave the artificial constructs of our time?

DINacharya teaches how to construct a daily routine with practical wisdom suited to your own Being. Led by experienced clinicians and excellent communicators, our authentic courses on Āyurveda at The DINacharya Institute, alongside seminars and workshops, combine practical instruction on a variety of medical modalities, with guidance for practice setup, clinical supervision, and self-care highlighting the wisdom of Āyurveda.

Using advanced pedagogy in clinical sciences, we focus on quality of instruction and practical application both for students in the US seeking Ayurvedic certification and for international students in our Master Classes.  All instructors are practicing clinicians:  vaidyas (āyurvedic physicians), MDs, and yoga therapists who have been teaching with Integrity for years.

This is the only course teaching authentic Ayurveda led by a Harvard-educated, licensed & board-certified MD. Dr. Bhattacharya is trained formally in holistic medicine, preventive medicine and family medicine, and also trained with a PhD in Ayurveda (BHU) from India. She has also trained formally in academia in the disciplines of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, neuroscience, herbs, international public health, nutrition and health coaching. She has worked in management on Wall Street, is a published journalist and book author, and has directed research, education and holistic practice at a NYC hospital for a decade. Dr. Bhattacharya is formally trained in educational pedagogy using problem-based learning, case-based techniques, and recent advances in education on assessment and competence that focus on the learning of the student. Instead of using these skills to further the mainstream medical system, she has focused the use of her skills toward the education of Ayurveda and healing sciences.


The mission of DINacharya is to create a stronger Ayurveda community worldwide and especially in India and the USA, through high-quality programs, abundant opportunities, promotion of self-awareness, with demonstrated Integrity in education.


The training program is designed for health and wellness professionals, such as CAM practitioners, yoga instructors, and nurses and doctors wishing to integrate practical instruction and quality holistic training in Ayurveda into their existing clinical practice.
This program is also appropriate for the student interested in applying Ayurvedic lifestyle principles and practices to his/her own life as well as those of family and friends, to restore and maintain a healthy life.
DINacharya also provides a strong Ayurvedic yoga certification course for all potential yogi/nis and an ongoing series of individual seminars on ayurveda, holistic health, nutrition, and related topics. Come join us.

The DINacharya Institute
NEWS:  DIN Master Classes in Ayurveda  śloka-by-śloka 

began on Thursday, August 9, 2018, with an auspicious group recitation of the Ganesha mantra.

For 13 weeks, our vetted and trained Master Teachers will be taking us through Astanga-Hrdayam, the classic Ayurvedic text by Vagbhata. Sessions focus on chapter 2, dinacharya ..... of course!  It is a practical, clinical, and personal hygiene checkup, with plenty to learn about our most intimate self-care.

Explanations of the sloka, pada-chheda - splitting the words in Sanskrt, clinical discussions on practical implementation, cases, and group discussion on the procedures and processes will be led by teachers and facilitators.   See samples of the Master Class style here.

We are keeping the price affordable - $5/class or $50 for the quarter (each Thursday, 09 Aug-01 Nov 2018).  Our application will orient you to the class. 

Join us with an amazing international student community in the DIN online classroom.

Write to us at dinacharyaNYC@gmail.com for details.
The DINacharya Institute utilizes the best of academic instruction from authentic ayurvedic doctors, licensed physicians and health professionals; experiential learning; correlations with scientific studies; guided materials for proficiency in ayurveda; a place to gain practicum experience; resources for intellectual exploration; and a practical course in Ayurvedic Health and Medicine. It is the first course geared toward competency not profit, and provides a template for Ayurvedic education of the future. 

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About The DINacharya Institute
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