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  The DINacharya Institute

     din, in Sanskrit, means Day or Daily.
     cha, in Sanskrit, means to walk forward.

        acharya is the learned teacher, able to walk you forward into knowledge and
                 attract you toward learning.

        charya refers to a Practiced Wisdom through Routine. 

         dinacharya is the ayurvedic term for Wisdom in knowing a lifestyle that lives each day well.

         We will teach you how to navigate your life, at whatever pace you choose, to bring
                good living, health and wellness into your life and the lives of those around you.

(eye-YOUR-vay-dah not  are-you-veda) is a timeless science that transcends cultures, religions, time and modernity. Practiced continuously on the planet for the past 5000 years and originating in South Asia, Ayurveda offers the brain, mind, heart, and soul a path back to natural living, among modern life.

Does your soul urge you to live more naturally and leave the artificial constructs of our time?

DINacharya teaches how. Led by experienced clinicians, our authentic courses on Ayurveda, seminars and workshops at The DINacharya Institute combine practical instruction on CAM (complementary and alternative medicines), guidance on practice setup, clinical supervision, and self-care with the wisdom of Ayurveda. 

We focus on quality of instruction and practical application by students in the US upon graduation, using advanced pedagogy in the clinical sciences. All instructors are practicing clinicians: vaidyas (ayurvedic physicians) and MDs who have been teaching with Integrity for years.


This is the only course in the United States that is led by a Harvard-educated, licensed MD board-certified in holistic medicine and preventive medicine; who is trained formally in academia, in the disciplines of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, herbs, international public health, nutrition and health coaching, as well as in Ayurveda; and who has directed research, education and holistic practice at a NYC hospital.
Dr. Bhattacharya is formally trained in educational pedagogy using problem-based learning, case-based techniques, and recent advances in education on assessment and competence 
that focus on the learning of the student.

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Thank you for your support to uplift Ayurveda.


The training program is designed for health and wellness professionals, such as CAM practitioners, yoga instructors, and nurses and doctors, wishing to integrate practical instruction and quality holistic training in Ayurveda into their existing clinical practice.


This program is also appropriate for the student interested in applying Ayurvedic lifestyle principles and practices to his/her own life as well as those of family and friends to restore and maintain a healthy life.

DINacharya also provides a strong ayurvedic yoga certification course for all potential yogi/nis and an ongoing series of individual seminars on ayurveda, holistic health, nutrition, and related topics.


The mission of DINacharya is to create a stronger Ayurveda community in India and in the USA, through high-quality programs, abundant opportunities, promotion of self-awareness, and demonstration of Integrity in education.

The DINacharya Institute utilizes the best of academic instruction from authentic ayurvedic doctors, licensed physicians and health professionals; experiential learning; guided materials for proficiency in ayurveda; a place to gain practicum experience; resources for intellectual exploration; and a practical course in Ayurvedic Health and Medicine. It is the first course of this type in New York City.       Join us!


                          +1 212 645 6745   ❧